Great Sadness — Sacred Ground


There’s a funeral scene in the movie, The Shack  that begs the attention of one’s heart. In this scene, Mack is preparing his great sadness for burial. In the movie, his great sadness is depicted as the brutal death of his daughter.

The loss of innocence. Death of dreams. His tattered and bruised and deeply wounded heart.


Mack’s journey led him into his pain, — rather than away from it. The time had come to prepare the great sadness for burial. I love how the movie depicts God, Jesus, and the Spirit of God not enabling him — they couldn’t do it for him. Only Mack, could prepare his pain for death and burial. Only God, could bring life from it.

I’m convinced that Mack’s heart could not have held up under the chronic pain — without the shadow of great love that covered him. Even, now he wasn’t alone.

He touched and tightly embraced and released — great sorrow — through many tears.

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56:8 

I love how God was never ashamed or intimidated by Mack’s tears — every drop precious — watering sacred ground.

When Mack had gained the strength for the next leg of his journey, he carried his great sadness into a place prepared for burial. With scared hands, Jesus had hand crafted a beautiful spot for Mack’s pain to rest. In perfect choreographed timing, Jesus stepped up to help Mack unload his sorrow. Jesus gently stepped forward to carry it for him. He hurt too.

Mack carried the great sadness as far as his soul had strength — then handed her to Jesus — who finished it for him.

Jesus loved Mack and understood a beauty in the great pain — one only seen through His eyes. He understood that Mack’s suffering was not abstract — it was an intricate part of him. He also intimately understood the path that led Mack to this very spot. He was well acquainted with sorrow.

Jesus stood next to a beautifully detailed box built for burial. One prepared for this very moment in time. Mack released his daughter to Jesus and stood to his feet alongside the love and mercy of God.

I love how the Spirit of God decorated his loss with flowers and allowed him to see her for the last time covered in beauty,  — decorating Mack’s final memories.

Mack was gifted with as much time as he needed to touch, feel, and embrace — fragrant  grace.

Mack and Jesus worked together to carry the pain filled box into his beautiful soul garden. A place he and God’s Spirit had been at work in for sometime. The bitter root that once grew from the ground — no longer visible. Together Mack, Jesus, God, and His Spirit, gently covered the pain with rich heart soul. Mack’s tears watering the ground —and birthing new life from the pain drenched dirt.

“It does the body good to let the healing waters flow” – The Shack Movie

The scene ends with the rise of a magnificent tree of life rising from the very spot his pain was buried. Together, Mack, God, Jesus, and God’s Spirit, — watch in amazement. Vibrant and fragrant life springs up everywhere.

Mack won’t forget his great sadness, he will however, be gifted with beauty from the ashes. Fragrant Grace. Amazing love.

The funeral scene from The Shack Movie 

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