A Month of Loss

     The Month of March had barely begun when we received news that my Nephew had moved from earth and into heaven. Ricky now sees the whole picture, and is well acquainted with the end of the story. I can see him in my mind’s eye. Smiling big as he is enveloped in perfect love. Days later my Aunt Betty went to sleep, only to then step out of her earthly body and into the arms of Jesus. I rejoice with her and celebrate her reunion with my Dad, and her husband, and other loved ones. Today my thoughts and prayers are with a dear friend who has been a brother to my husband and me. Our friend is preparing for his journey out of the earthly realm as we know it, and into the presence of a living God. I can imagine all heaven rejoicing and preparing to greet him. At the same time my heart breaks for those who will be left behind for now.  

     Today I am also mindful of those who are greeted with death daily; those who live in places where death is familiar. Children whose senses have smelled, seen, heard, and touched death far too young. I believe we were never meant to taste death. This is why it is so unpalatable. I praise God He has overcome death and the grave for us. Not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow. We can however guarantee our eternal home. I pray that I will make the most of this moment. Shining brightly for Jesus until I breathe my last breath, and turn my back on this thing we call life.